Blog School

I have been maintaining a science blog focused on archaeology, heritage and science since 2007. Ting & Tankar (Things & Thoughts) is written in Swedish as it is very much focused on current events in Scandinavia and aims to engage with the general public in Sweden. Over the years I have had a wonderful exchange of experiences and opinions with many bloggers, both nationally and globally. I have also tried to get researchers and educators interested in blogging, social media and outreach, both on my blogs and as an invited speaker at various venues at Uppsala University, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Gothenburg University and Stockholm University.

To sum up some of my general tips and recommendations on how to blog effectively and succesfully as a researcher I published a small series of posts (Lilla Vetenskapsbloggskolan) on my blog. Prompted and supported by SLU I have now translated these posts into English. The six parts can be accessed through the menu, or the links below. It is also possible to post comments and questions under each part.

It is my conviction that social media is not only an excellent way to spread knowledge about science and the conditions of doing research, but also a great way for researchers to expand their own networks and get new knowledge and feedback.

Part 1 – Why and how

Part 2 – Finding your voice

Part 3 – How not to blog

Part 4 – The commenter

Part 5 – Getting readers

Part 6 – Summing up