2015-09-01 – cont.: Project leader at the Swedish National Heritage Board, Information department. Working with DAP (Digital Archaeological Project), developing ways for documentation and information from archaeology and heritage sites to be digitalised and made available.

2010-09-01 – 2015-08-31: Director of SAU (Societas Archaeolgica Upsaliensis)

2009-09-21 – 2010-08-31: PhD student ombudsman at Stockholm University Student Union.

2009-09-18: Defended my dissertation Breaking & Making Bodies and Pots: Material and Ritual Practices in Sweden in the Third Millennium BC. Opponent: Dr Joanna Sofaer, University of Southampton. Evaluation Board: Prof Lars Larsson, Lund University; Dr Agneta Åkerlund; Prof Kjel Knutsson, Uppsala University

2002-2009 – PhD student at Uppsala University. Supervisor: Prof Anders Kaliff; Assistant supervisor: Dr Jan Storå, Stockholm Unviersity

Official appointments – PhD student representative at the Department Board, the Humanities PhD students Council, the Faculty Recruitment Board. Chairman then member of the Department PhD student Council.

Other stuff – Co-organised the international workshop Uniting Sea – Stone Age Societies in the Baltic Sea Region in 2002 (Uppsala University) and 2006 (Stockholm University).

Best accomplishments during this period – A daughter who arrived in 2002 and a son who arrived in 2004.

Work experience – SAU: Pitted Ware settlement (Postboda), Reference expert for SAU at the excavations of Neolithic settlements Sofiedal, Gästrikland and Norslunda, Uppland


Work experience – Research excavation of Funnel Beaker settlements (Strångnäs, Kallmossen): Smålands museum: Bronze Age mound, Late Neolithic gallery grave, Iron Age cemetery, Neolithic settlement, Battle Axe culture burial. National Heritage Board (UV Mitt): Iron Age settlement and cult site Lunda at Strängnäs; National Heritage Board (RAÄ): Heritage remains documentation unit

Osteology – Analysis and reports on burnt animal bones from Kallmossen, cremated remains of Barshalder Iron Age cemetery, unburnt animal bones from the Pitted Ware settlement Strålsjö; Ålands museum: faunal remains on a Medieval settlement at Finby

1998-1999 – Graduate studies in Archaeology (gen.) and African Civilisations South of the Saharas at Uppsala University

Work experience – Malmö Museer: Late Neolithic/Bronze Age settlement (Burlöv); National Heritage Board (UV Syd): Neolithic settlement (Dösjebro);

1996-1997 – Undergraduate studies in History of Religion and Osteology at Stockholm University, as well as a summer course in Experimental Archaeology at Lund University. (Fil.Mag. in archaeology and osteology)

Work experience – Arkeologikonsult: Early Neolithic settlement site and sacrificial fen (Skogsmossen)

1993-1995 – Undergraduate studies in Archaeology (Nordic) and Cultural Anthropology at Uppsala University. Plus an assortment of minor courses in Sweden’s Quartenary Geology, Celtic history, Runic studies. (Fil.kand./B.A. in archaeology)

Work experience – National Heritage Board (UV Stockholm): Late Neolithic settlement, Iron Age site (Rössberga), Arkeologikonsult: Mesolithic settlement (Pärlängsberget)

1973 – 1992 – Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden